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Rotajet has recently installed and commissioned a drum washing and reconditioning line to a hazardous waste company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The Rotajet DW200 is a fully automated drum washing machine in which the barrel and drums are

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Rotajet modular IBC washing machines used by hazardous waste companies for decontaminating IBC`s.

Rotajet has recently supplied a number of hazardous waste companies with IBC washing machinery used for the removal of oils, inks and paints etc…after decanting the IBC. The IBC`s are wash prior to sending back out to customers. The standard Rotajet

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Rotajet Manufacture Single Position IBC Washer, Ideal For Low Volume IBC Cleaning.

The Rotajet IBC washing station can be used with a hot or cold wash facility for a timed detergent injection, which enables IBC`s to be washed and rinsed in one a single IBC washing station. Rotajet fit the IBC washing station with an electric

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How Rotajet Systems Helps to Deal With Bitumen Contamination

Rotajet Systems Limited has supplied a Rotajet D60-dw Drum Washer for decontaminating bitumen contaminated drums prior to crushing.

The client was a manufacturer of bitumen emulsions. In the manufacture of the emulsions, drums of bitumen based

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Why Rotajet Machines Are Great Environmental Solution and How They Help to Save Thousands of Pounds in Disposal Costs

A hazardous waste specialist has installed and commissioned a new container washing plant in London.

The plant integrates one of Rotajet’s D60-dw Multi-Stage Washing Machines to remove hazardous waste residue from steel and plastic drums and

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Rotajet Manufacture IBC Washing System for Hazardous Waste Collection Company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed an IBC Washing Machine into a hazardous waste company.

The IBC washer is used for cleaning IBC`s, which have previously contained waste oils, paints and waste chemicals etc…The IBC are decanted, and

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Rotajet Manufactured Batch Drum Washing Machine for Washing Open Top Drums Contaminated with Used Engine Oil.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a Barrel Washing Machine for removal of used engine oil from open top drums.

The drums are used for collection of used oil filters from garages and service centres. The barrels are emptied and require

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Rotajet manufacture large drum washing system for waste oil Collection Company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently designed, manufactured and installed a large tunnel wash system for washing out 60 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre open top barrels which had previously contained used cooking oil. The drums are loaded onto a 4

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Rotajet supplies automated drum washer to chemical processing sulphuric acid drums

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied an automated drum washing system to a large chemical company processing drum containing sulphuric acid. The machine is designed to wash and rinse the drums with fresh water prior to disposal. The drums

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Rotajet Manufactured and Supplied IBC Dryer to IBC Reconditioing Company

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a IBC reconditioning company with a RJ-DIBC/1 IBC dryer.

The RJ-DIBC/1 is designed for drying both plastic IBC`s and stainless IBC`s after washing by IBC reconditioning and drum reconditioning

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Rotajet manufacturer drum washing machine and IBC washing machine for container reconditioning company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a drum washing system for washing 25 litre containers and a IBC washing machine for washing 1000 litre and 600 litre IBC`s. The 25 litre drum washing machine will process 16 containers per batch with a

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Rotajet Manufactured a Wheelie Bin Washing Machine For AD Facility

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently completed the installation of a large wheelie bin washing machine in an AD facility in London.

The machine is used for washing and rinsing wheelie bins that are contaminated with residues of waste food. The

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Rotajet Supplied ATEX Solvent Washer to Car Paint Manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a Rotajet TL-DR-55-Atex Washer for a car paint manufacturer.

The machine is used for washing 205 litre / 45 gallon drums that has been used for mixing small paint batches.

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Rotajet Supplied Fully Integrated Plastic Recycling Line to Large Cosmetics Manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently designed, manufactured and installed a plastic recycling line to a very large UK based cosmetic’s manufacturer.

The system is used for the washing, granulation, and drying of used PP pots containing small

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Rotajet Supplied Combined Drum Washing and IBC Washing Machine to Chemical Company in Bangladesh.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied and installed a Rotajet D60-dwf to a large chemical company in Bangladesh.

The machine is used for washing and rising 205 litre drums and washing and rinsing IBC`s that have contained hazardous

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Rotajet Supplied a New Drum Washing Machine to Customer in Ireland.

Rotajet systems Limited ​have recently supplied a fully automated drum washing machine to a hazardous waste company in Ireland.

The machine is used for the decontamination of drums containing acids, alkaline and solvents. Once washed the

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