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Electric Rotating Washing Head RJ-E200


Electric Rotating Washing Head RJ-E200

Electric Rotating Washing Head RJ-E200 Electric Rotating Washing Nozzle RJ-E200


Rotating head model E 200 is a washing device suitable for the inside cleaning of:

  • Small tanks
  • Bins
  • Drums 

The rotating head works thanks to electric motor 24 V (a.c.), with an absorption of 100 VA.

It makes at the same time two movements:

  • one of rotation on a perpendicular plane to the longitudinal axis
  • one of revolution on a parallel plane to the longitudinal axis 

This head can be used with hot or cold water. Maximum temperature 90° C.

Chemicals agents (acid or alkalines) can be added to the water helping the mechanical action.

The rotating head is provided of two nozzles

The diameter of the nozzles to mount has to assure a min. water delivery of 7,5/lt/min. for one nozzles, with a minimum pressure of 20 bar.

Therefore the minimum parameters of operation are:

  • pressure: 20 bar
  • water delivery: 15 litres 

The max. pressure of operation is 200 bar, with a max. water delivery of 40/lt/min.

The head is built totally in stainless steel (Aisi 303). 

Techincal Images:

Electric Rotating Washing Head RJ-E200 Technical Drawing Electric Rotating Washing Nozzle RJ-E200