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Stainless Steel IBC Washer & Tote Washer


Rotajet systems for washing stainless steel IBC`s and Stainless Totes


Rotajet Stainless IBC Washer and Tote Washer

Rotajet Stainless IBC Tote Washer


Rotajet manufactures washing machines used for cleaning Stainless Steel and Stainless Totes. We manufacture stand alone machines as well as multistage washers. We use water based detergents for cleaning food stuffs and general powder blends.

For containers that have been used for holding surface coatings and flammable liquids, typically solvents are used for cleaning, due the nature of the products being cleaned and the solvent cleaning media, the machines are regulated by the Atex directive.

Stainless steel IBC Tote washer


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