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Rotajet Keg Washers


Rotajet Keg Washing Systems


Rotajet Keg Washing Systems


Rotajet Systems Limited manufactures a series of keg washing machines.

The machines can be supplied to wash the kegs internally or wash the kegs internally and externally. The keg washing machines use caustic based solutions to remove external labels and internal contamination…. The keg washing machines can either be heated by steam, gas or electric. Rotajet offer the keg washers can be offered with single stag wash, two stage wash and rinse or three stage wash, rinse and final rinse.

Rotajet fit the machines with integral sumps which contain the washing and rinsing cleaning liquids, these sumps are fitted with coarse and fine filtration that prolongs the operating life of the working solutions. The Rotajet keg washing machines are fitted with high pressure rotating spray nozzles that give total cleaning coverage within the drum or barrel ensuring the containers are completely clean.