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Continuous Pail Tunnel Washers and Bucket Tunnel Washers


Rotajet Continuous Pail Washer and Buckets Washers


Rotajet Continuous Pail and Buckets Tunnel Washing Machines


Rotajet Systems Limited manufactures a series of continuous pail washing and buckets washing tunnel washers. These machines are used by companies producing large volumes of pails and buckets and the containers need washing for refilling or safe disposal in accordance with local regulations. Generally the pail washers and bucket washers use a heated caustic wash in the first stage to remove any food or chemical residues left in the pail or bucket. The pails and buckets are then rinsed using water and then dried. The pail and buckets are typically loaded into thewashing machine. The smallest machine single track drum washer machine will clean up to 200 pails or buckets per hour. Due to the transfer times, after 200 pails or buckets per hour we recommend that a multi track machine is used.

Rotajet fit the machines with integral sumps which contain the washing and rinsing cleaning liquids, these sumps are fitted with coarse and fine filtration that prolongs the operating life of the working solutions. The Rotajet pail washers and bucket washers are fitted with high pressure rotating spray nozzles that give total cleaning coverage within the pail or buckets ensuring the containers are completely clean.

At Rotajet, we also manufacture a range of Atex drum and barrel washing machines, these are usually batch type machines to contain and condense any flammable vapours from the drum washing process details of these can be found at:
Details of these machines can be found at