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IBC Pressure Tester


Leak and Pressure tesing systems for IBC`s and Totes for standalone or multi-head systems


Rotajet IBC leak and pressure tester and Totes Pressure Tester


Rotajet manufactures an IBC pressure tester that is used for testing for leaks in the IBC or Tote containers after the washing, rinsing and drying process. The system is fitted with a PLC and touch screen HMI, this can be integrated into a central control panel for large container reconditioning companies.

We manufacture stand alone systems for off line testing and multi-head systems for high volume on line reconditioning lines. The system is fully data logged and provides a Real time clock and test results are time and date stamped.

For further information regarding your requirements for pressure testing IBC`s and Totes please see the link below.

Rotajet IBC pressure tester and IBC leak tester