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Single Stage IBC Dryer / Tote Dryer


Rotajet IBC dryers and Tote drying systems


Rotajet Single Stage IBC Dryer / Tote Dryer

Rotajet IBC drying system


Rotajet manufacture stand alone IBC drying station and Tote drying stations. The machines are used for final drying of IBC`s and Totes after washing, the drying avoids any contamination to water sensitive products. The Rotajet RJ DIBC/1 is fitted with a high volume air blower, the blower in lowered into the IBC or Tote via. A pneumatic cylinder by the operator. (on automated machines, this is controlled by the PLC.) The drying cycle is started and a high volume blower transfers air at high volume into the IBC or Tote container, the expelled air is channelled into a heat exchanger chamber and reused. The reuse of the air, allows the system to rapidly heat the air to between 105-110°C, which dries the IBC or Tote in typically 5-6 minutes.