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Our machines are supplied as stand-alone plant, or as a intregrated "turn-key" system for a new or existing recycling or waste processing facility. For large systems we are typically commissioned to carry design studies.

Drum Washing Machines

Drum Batch Washing Machines

Rotajet manufacture a range of batch 200 litre drum washing machines for use with water based detergents. The machines are available with single stage wash or multiply stages to include rinse and DI rinse steam extraction and dry, depending on the application.

The drums are processed in a fully enclosed cabinet to minimize health and safety issues, this also allows any fumes produced in the cleaning process to be extracted and treated if required.

  • The Rotajet D60dw will process 4x200 litre drums (open or closed top) per batch
  • The Rotajet D40dw will process 1x200 litre drums (open or closed top) per batch

The machines require heating to achieve optimium cycle times, this can be done via. gas, oil, steam or electric heating.

Rotajet manufacture a range of aqueous and non-flammable solvents for use in the machines below is a breif list of the cleaning agents we recommend for use in the machines:

Drum Continuous Washing Machines

For large numbers of drums, Rotajet manufacture a series of continuous tunnel type drum washers, these machines can be manufactured with single or multiply stages depending on level of cleanliness required.

The machines are available as either single track tunnel wash or 4 track tunnel washer.

The DTW40, is built as a stand alone modular unit, this allows multiply machines to be linked together depending on throughput required and level of cleanliness needed. For a throughput of 40 drums per hour with a wash and rinse cycle, we recommend a series of 5 units. The system will consist of 3 wash units and 2 rinse units. (3 x 90 second wash, 2 x 90 second rinse.)

The system will produce a clean drum every 90 seconds. = 40 drums / hour

For increased production rates further DTW40`s can be added.

The DTW40x4, is similar to DTW40, but has tracks that will accomodate x4 drums per unit. A 5 unit system will consist of 3 wash units and 2 rinse units. (3 x 90 second wash, 2 x 90 second rinse.)

This system will produce 4 clean drums every 90 seconds. = 160 drums / hour


Contamination Cleaning Agent % Temperature Cycle Time (minutes)
Water based chemicals 1-540 2-3 65-70 2-3
Oil 1-540 5-7 65-70 5-10
Grease 2-240 10 65-70 5-10
Water based inks 1-540 2-3 65-70 3-5
Solvent based inks Rotastrip 520 5 50-55 3-5
Water based paints 1-540 5 65-70 3-5
Solvent based paints Rotastrip 520 10 50-55 5-10
Epoxy resins Rotastrip RDP 100 45-45 10-15